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Disclaimer: These pages are not intended as a complete course in gun safety and are not a substitute for formal, qualified instruction in the handling, use, or storage of firearms. The guidelines herein should be considered options to minimize the chance of an accident occurring in the home.

Types of Magazines

Box magazine diagram

Box Magazine

Cartridges are inserted into the spring-loaded case one on top of the other lengthwise.

Detachable Box Magazines

Can be removed from the gun by depressing a release device.

Open and partially close the action several times to be sure that no cartridges remain in the chamber.

Non-detachable Box Magazines

May have a hinged floor plate that allows the cartridges to be unloaded by pressing a release device that lets the floor plate open and the cartridges drop out. Other types may not have the floor plate that releases. In this case the cartridges are ejected by opening and partially closing the action. Inspect the chamber plus the action to be sure no cartridges remain inside.

Tubular Magazine

Cartridges are inserted into the tube, bullet-end first, one following the other, in the same direction.

Tube magazine diagram

Removable Inside Tube

Some guns have an inside tube which must be removed before cartridges will drop out of the magazine.

In addition, partially open close the action to make certain no cartridges remain in the magazine. Leave the action open to prevent a cartridge from moving into the chamber

No Removable Tube

Cartridges are removed by operating the action of the gun. This should be done very carefully. Leave the action open to prevent a cartridge from moving into the chamber.

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